Agora Publication: AgoraPicBk 8 (1963)
Title:   Garden Lore of Ancient Athens
Author:   Burr Thompson, D.
    Griswold, R. E.
Abstract:   In the spring, the ground of the Agora archaeological park is covered in poppies and daisies while poplars and oaks shade many of the pathways. Some of these plants are wild and some were deliberately introduced to Athens in Classical times. This booklet presents evidence for ancient horticulture in the Agora (for example, structured antique gardens were uncovered around the Temple of Hephaistos). Its color plates also provide a useful guide to identifying modern Greek vegetation.
Series Title:   Excavations of the Athenian Agora: Picture Book.
Publication Place:   Princeton
Publisher:   The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Volume:   8
Edition:   1
Date:   1963
ISBN:   0876616082
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PDF:   AgoraPicBk-8.pdf
References:   Image: 1997.02.0279 (88-467)
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